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jen scaffidi: guitars, vocals
carolyn gates: drums
carson cessna: synths


released 25 March 2014

recorded, mixed, and mastered by rick spagnola at dogwater studios
vocals recorded by vincent gates at play your own music

photos by carson / layout by jen



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Aphasia
when you say sinner looks like saint
I know you don’t only crack wise
but echo breath I haven’t spent
how are you doing that?
I am mystified

when you see that
it’s an attack
defend, embrace, it escalates
be still my everlasting
they misunderstand
why do they misunderstand me?
look, it's like this

you are like a swiss army knife
when words don’t work as well as I’d like
decode my stares, my stuttered starts
shut me up and ask,
“how can I kiss you when you’re speaking in tongues?”
Track Name: Talisman
I carved of him a talisman, a charm to ward off loneliness
with this act mistakenly, more power did I give to him

without his permission!
without his permission!

let me pluck a twisted rib from his tangled skeleton
I would build a life of this, but mother gifts "the catalyst"

without my permission!
without my permission!

we build our lives with stories
I will keep telling this one
until it stops the stinging
hot flush across my skin
this kicking in my stomach
it will creep up and take me
loosed pieces lost are catching

the talisman, he spoke to me, "your every syllable is poetry"
I fell upon the sword, my pen, and with each word, I fell again

every gift is a curse!
every gift is a curse!

he drew a line, I crossed it
it widened to a crack
he dug a chasm from it
now there's no turning back
"you are a thing I've conjured!
I'll turn you back to clay!
return to me I'll save you
Track Name: Day Old Bread
did you guess it would be me
living out your dream?
casio and toasted bread
anonymity instead

I hear it’s nice at your house
I’m glad it seems you figured it out
bumblebees make you choke
you know I never got the joke

you never told a soul
what happened at the alamo
it is good to change your mind
give my best to your wife